Kindle: How to Get Started

If you aren’t sure how to use Kindle ebooks, here are three things you should know:

  1. You don’t need a Kindle device, you can use your PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone (Amazon app or software).
  2. You will need to get an Amazon account in order to buy Kindle books (download this guide for a step by step process). Since most books are not available in the Kindle format on you can access the Kindle books by using an American address. If you don’t have friends or relatives in the States who would let you use their address, use the workaround described in this blog post: How to Get USA Pricing on Kindle Books from Anywhere in the World.
  3. When you buy your Kindle books, please buy them from the webpage so that the college will get a commission.

Bonus: If you want to make your Kindle extra useful, download “Kindle Superpowers” by Josh Chalmers.

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